The City of Gold Coast is the second largest Municipality of Australia but does not have a world-class datacentre. Most Australian capital cities have several of them, but our own City of the Gold Coast has none. The local digital assets are mostly stored in the basements of larger office buildings and in tin sheds. This is calling for something better. Modern world-class datacentres are cyclone proof bunkers with iron-clad security, triple power systems, multi-Gigabit links to the Australian capital cities and the world, onsite parking and huddle space for the ICT staff and their visitors and a few more things like that.

There is a new initiative now by some locals, in an advanced formation stage, to build a brand-new world class data centre on the Gold Coast, primarily for use by Gold Coast businesses. With fibre connections to everywhere and onsite support services that would be a welcome place to put in your business application servers and similar equipment.

If you want to be part of it, as an investor, as a builder, as an operator, as a tenant hiring some rack space, or just as a supporter, then please make yourselves known to or ring through your details to Vantage Broadband on 07 5551 0117 for a complete Datacentre infokit.

Check out the proposed rack rental rates on